Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Send Free SMS using PHP

Hi Friends,
Yesterday i read one article for sending free sms using php( Using SOAP method they are sending sms using WAY2SMS.COM

You just need to have the following requirements
1) Need to register your mobile number to WAY2SMS.COM
2) Other person's(whom you want to send sms) mobile number
3) A message which you need to send

You need to pass your values to this link:;XXXXXXXXX&msg=mycodings

In UID = "Your way2sms userid(only mobile number)"
In PWD = "Your way2sms password"
In PHONE = "Friends phone number(Note for the last number there should not be any semicolon';' for more numbers you need to seperate using comma ',')"
In Msg = "Your Msg"

Thats it. Now you can also send sms from your website. If you're not novice in PHP make a Form to submit the values and send it

For downloading sms package: Click Here

For Deployment in your own server : Click Here